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Welcome to Christian Alignment


The goal of Christian Alignment is to keep you informed about activities bringing people of faith together and encouraging our members to participate in the planning and coordination of inter-congregational fellowship services and events. Whether you have come here after learning about the site at church or from a friend our goal is the same, to inspire and motivate believers to reach new heights inside and outside the church through missionary activity and prayer. There are many ways to get involved, just browse through the site to find what area you would be able to contribute to most effectively. At Christian Alignment we believe community activism can be adventuresome and fulfilling to the needs of those we serve.


Who We Serve

Christian Alignment serves faith based organizations in an effort to further establish the Kingdom of God here on Earth as it is in Heaven. In doing so, it is our mission to ensure every believer has the resources human and otherwise available to them in living the kingdom life and ministering to those who have not yet come to know and experience salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


What We Do

In browsing the site you can learn about the various contributions we strive to make. From coordinating team sports and bringing singles together to planning monthly fellowship events it is our mission to connect communities of believers together.




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